Digital Marketing

There is one thing common in all the types of businesses be it Startups, Small Enterprises or Established Companies, they all want to strengthen their consumer base (The set of people consuming services or products) which eventually results into the profits. Here comes the role of an important part of any business, Marketing.
Marketing is that part of any company which focuses on increasing the consumer base of that company by creating more awareness about the product/services they’re selling.
You must have a strong Marketing strategy if you want to grow and sustain your business.

Do you know why did I use the word "Sustain" here? Let me explain.

It’s a competitive world out there because almost everyone is trying their hands on different types of businesses, so monopoly isn’t a thing anymore, which means there are thousands of minds thinking of the same idea in different ways, and some new candidate in the market may have a better product/service idea than a company which was established decades ago.

Let’s take an example here, Jio was launched in 2016, it has been hardly four years and it has reached at a consumer base of 330 Million people surpassing existing leading telecom companies that are running since 90s. This high consumer base and high value of the company is the fruit of the plant which was nourished with a really very strong marketing stratergy that Jio had. Although Jio was founded in 2007 but nobody even knew its name until 2016 as they were in the pre planning stage (Setting up towers, getting licenses, etc.), but within few days of when it got launched, their name started spreading like fire.

So, now we have clearly understood the importance of marketing for any type of business, let’s take a look into the way marketing was done earlier and what has changed now.
Previously, there were more of physical methods of marketing and very few digital methods of marketing. Let’s take a look at both of them:
a) Physical Methods: Newspapers, Magzines, Catalogues, Posters, Billboards, etc.

b) Digital Methods: Television & Radio.
In past one decade, the way we were doing marketing has changed alot, it has been more diverted towards the digital methods due to obvious reasons including but not limited to convenience, cost effectiveness, larger audience, etc.
The marketing using the digital methods has become so vast that we have kept everything under a single umbrella term called “Digital Marketing”.
Digital Marketing is divided into two main parts namely Internet/Online Marketing and Broadcast Marketing. As the name suggests, Broadcast Marketing is done using the broadcasting channels such as Radio and TV, and Internet/Online Marketing refers to marketing done using internet.
Most of the people refer Online Marketing as “Digital Marketing” due to two major reasons:
  • Online Marketing is a major part of the Digital Marketing.
  • Broadcast Marketing is nothing new, it has been known for a long time now, but Online Marketing and the term “Digital Marketing” emerged at the same time.
So, following the trend, we’ll use using the term “Digital Marketing” for “Internet Marketing” going forward in this article.
Digital marketing has become a such a vast thing that it is being considered as a separate industry itself.
Most of the companies these days have an individual strong Digital Marketing Team that consist of different elements such as Digital Marketers, Content Writers, Graphic Designers, etc.
Let’s discuss about the different elements of Digital Marketing (Online Marketing)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): SEO means optimising your website in such a way that it appears on the top of the search results of a Search Engine(without paid advertisement) when certain keywords are searched. This single element of Digital Marketing has several sub-elements that are needed to be taken care of in order to get on top of search include.

    Let’s get an overview of what are those sub-elements.

    1. Keywords: You must have right amount of keywords in your website which your targetted audience is most likely to search.

    2. Website Structure: Before explaining this, let me tell you how search engines work, they have software bots called as “Crawlers” which crawl your websites which means goes to every part of your website and lists your website on the Search Results according to the keywords and content that they find. In order for the Crawlers to crawl your website properly, your website should be structured in a proper manner which includes but is not limited to proper Inter-linking, having a Site map, etc.
  • Social Media Marketing: It covers the promotions that are done on the Social Media Platforms. These days, everyone is using the Social Media to interact with the people and for entertainment. Youngsters of these days are more active on social media devices than anywhere else, so, Digital Marketers are taking full advantage of the same and promoting products/services of their clients on these Social Media Platforms.
  • Paid Advertising: None of the above mentioned parts of Digital Marketing require money but this one does. In this part of the Digital Marketing, we use money to reach to the desired audience quickly by paying money. This is also called Paid Ads (Advertisements). Many leading search engines and Social Media Platforms provide services of promoting your product or services using money. Below given are most common types of advertising platforms being used these days:

    1. Facebook Ads
    2. Google Adwords
    3. Instagram Ads
    4. Linkedin Ads
One of the most common ways these Paid Advertisements work is on the concept of PPC (Pay per click) which means you have to pay for the number of clicks your advertisement is receiving.